Active filter design software AktivFilter 3.3

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The usual problem

You are an electronics engineer, you have to develop an electronic device, and you need an active filter circuit which fulfills your specification. After the test of your built circuit, you observe that the frequency response deviates from your specification. So, you try to adjust the circuit, you measure the frequency response, and you repeat this very often. This matching can be a quite time-consuming process.

The new solution: AktivFilter 3.3 design software

AktivFilter 3.3 design software is able to design active filters, which are tuned on the operational amplifier and on the standard series (E12, E24, E48, E96, or E192) of resistors and capacitors. This tuning works so fine that a manual matching of the designed filter circuit becomes unnecessary. AktivFilter 3.3 can design active bandpass filters, highpass filters, lowpass filters and notch filters. For many applications AktivFilter enables you to use inexpensive (slow) opamp types instead of expensive (fast) opamps. AktivFilter supports many special high-quality audio opamps, which are used in audio electronics - in consumer products, studio equipment and high-end equipment.

AktivFilter can create filters with the characteristics Bessel, Butterworth and Chebychev. Additionally, you can specify an individual characteristic by setting the parameters pole quality Q and the normalized pole frequency for each stage of your active filter. This can be a useful feature, e.g. if you want to develop a special active crossover network for loudspeakers.

While AktivFilter 3.3 is able to co-ordinate filter designs on opamp types, it is important, that the program supports all ordinary opamp types. Here is a list of all supported opamps:

AD648, AD711, AD712, AD713, AD741, AD743, AD797, AD8031, AD8032, AD8045, AD8047, AD8057, AD8058, AD8099, AD817, AD822, AD823, AD825, AD826, AD845, AD847, ADA4528-1, ADA4528-2, CA3140, CA3160, EL2245, EL2445, FAN4174, FAN4274, HA-2600, HA-2602, HA-2620, HA-2622, HA-2841, HA-2842, HA-5020, HA-5101, HA-5102, HA-5104, HA-5112, HA-5114, HA-5127, HA-5137, HA-5147, HA-5190, HA-5221, HA-5222, HA17082, HA17083, HA17084, HA17558, HA17741, LF351, LF353, LF356, LF357, LF411, LF412, LF441, LF442, LF444, LF451, LM107, LM118, LM124, LM139, LM148, LM158, LM193, LM218, LM224, LM239, LM258, LM2902, LM2904, LM293, LM307, LM318, LM324, LM3302, LM339, LM358, LM393, LM4562, LM6118, LM6142, LM6144, LM6152, LM6154, LM6161, LM6162, LM6164, LM6165, LM6171, LM6172, LM833, LMC6062, LMC662, LME49710, LME49720, LME49740, LME49860, LME49870, LME49990, LMH6624, LMH6626, LMH6642, LMH6643, LMH6644, LMH6657, LMH6658, LMP7701, LMP7702, LMP7704, LMV771, LMV772, LMV774, LMV821, LMV822, LMV824, LT1013, LT1013D, LT1014, LT1028, LT1055, LT1056, LT1115, LT1151, LT1211, LT1212, LT1213, LT1214, LT1352, LT1353, LT1355, LT1356, LT1357, LT1358, LT1359, LT1361, LT1362, LT1363, LT1364, LT1365, LT1413, LT1462, LT1463, LT1464, LT1465, LT1492, LT1493, LT1494, LT1495, LT1496, LT1498, LT1499, LT1635, LT1638, LT1639, LT1677, LT1792, LT1793, LT1801, LT1802, LT1815, LT1816, LT1817, LT1884, LT1885, LT2078, LT2079, LT2178, LT2179, LT6236, LT6237, LT6238, MAX410, MC1458, MC1558, MC33078, MC33079, MC33272, MC33274, MCP6001, MCP6002, MCP6004, NCV33274, NE5532, NE5533, NE5534, OP07, OP113, OP1177, OP15, OP16, OP160, OP20, OP21, OP213, OP2177, OP27, OP270, OP275, OP37, OP413, OP4177, OP467, OP470, OPA130, OPA132, OPA134, OPA141, OPA1611, OPA1612, OPA1652, OPA1654, OPA2107, OPA2132, OPA2134, OPA2141, OPA2227, OPA2228, OPA227, OPA228, OPA2334, OPA2335, OPA2340, OPA2354, OPA2355, OPA2356, OPA2369, OPA2604, OPA2652, OPA2725, OPA2726, OPA334, OPA335, OPA3355, OPA340, OPA354, OPA355, OPA356, OPA369, OPA4132, OPA4134, OPA4141, OPA4227, OPA4228, OPA4340, OPA4354, OPA4820, OPA604, OPA606, OPA627, OPA637, OPA650, OPA655, OPA725, OPA726, OPA820, OPA842, OPA843, THS4001, THS4304, TL022, TL031, TL032, TL034, TL051, TL052, TL054, TL061, TL062, TL064, TL071, TL072, TL074, TL081, TL082, TL084, TL3472, TL3474, TL971, TL972, TL974, TLC2201, TLC2202, TLC2272, TLC2274, TLE2071, TLE2072, TLE2074, TLE2081, TLE2082, TLE2084, TLV2460, TLV2461, TLV2462, TLV2463, TLV2464, TLV2465, TS902, TS904, TS912, TS914, TS924, TS951, TS952, TS954, uA741

AktivFilter 3.3 is a program for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10.

AktivFilter 3.3 is available in these editions:

The Personal Edition as well as the Professional Edition can be installed on just one computer. The installation of the software must be registered within 30 days. The registration can be made up to three times.

The following table clarifies the features of these editions:

Feature Personal or Professional or Campus Edition Demo Edition
Filter types and filter circuits Highpass and lowpass with Sallen-Key circuit and with multiple feedback; bandpass filter with multiple feedback; active twin-T-bandreject; 3-pole single stage Sallen-Key highpass and lowpass filter with gain 0 dB, and gain > 0 dB Highpass and lowpass with Sallen-Key circuit and with multiple feedback
Filter order Bandpass 2nd to 30th order; highpass and lowpass 1st to 30th order Highpass and lowpass 1st to 2nd order
Filter characteristic Bessel; Butterworth; Chebychev with given ripples up to 20 dB; individual characteristic Bessel; Butterworth; Chebychev with given ripples up to 20 dB; individual characteristic
Supported opamp types Every opamp in above list (more than 250 opamp types) and the ideal opamp LF411, uA741 and the ideal opamp
Graphical output Amplitude response in dB after each calculation Amplitude response in dB after each calculation
Store the design As HTML file with circuit diagram as PNG file As HTML file with circuit diagram as PNG file
Spice interface Call interface for AC analysis with output of the amplitude response in dB, the phase response of the group delay; transient analysis for step response Call interface for AC analysis with output of the amplitude response in dB, the phase response or the group delay; transient analysis for step response

A sample that shows how to use AktivFilter 3.3 is available here.

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