Electronics Design Software for Professionals

SoftwareDidaktik offers innovative software tools, which help engineers to design electronic circuits.

AktivFilter 3.3 software for the design of active filtersAktivFilter is a powerful and easy to use software for the design of active filters. The tool especially cares for standard series values and real operational amplifiers. The program has an easy user interface and is available in English and German. AktivFilter is available since 2001 and has set new standards in the field of active filter design.

Another product of SoftwareDidaktik is spiceLab. spiceLab enhances the features of the PSpice simulation software by adding some extra libraries for PSpice. We have terminated the distribution of spiceLab in the year 2009.

To demonstrate the capabilities of AktivFilter 3.3, we have designed some filters with the program and show them here: A collection of analog filter circuits

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