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AktivFilter 3.3 software

Are you worried about active filter design?

Have you ever designed an active filters and everything went perfect? When working in the low frequency area, and with low opamp gain, you can get in fact a good result, without special help. In any other case, your design task can become a time consuming process.

What is the reason for this problem?

Almost every formula and software for the design of active filters sees the operational amplifier as an ideal amplifier, i.e. its open-loop gain is infinite and the gain is independend from the frequency. The reality, however, looks quite different: the open-loop gain is e.g. 80..100 dB for DC and the gain melts drastically for higher frequencies. So, the opamp itself is a lowpass-filter which is embedded in your filter circuit.

Is there a solution?

The solution is to take the embedded lowpass into account, which is caused by the opamps properties. Thus, you have to make a more complex calculation - more complex than the formulars in the text books and programs. The calculation must consider the lowpass behaviour of the used opamp.

Get help by a program

AktivFilter 3.3 software has been developed to overcome that problem. The software has a built-in opamp model and a database consisting of more than 300 opamp types. Furthermore, there is even a software edition (AktivFilter 3.3 Professional Edition) which allows to create your own opamp models.

AktivFilter 3.3 software is the result of many years of experience in the field of active filter design and software development. The first version of AktivFilter software has been released in 2001.

Read more about this software at the website of AktivFilter 3.3.

AktivFilter 3.3

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