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SoftwareDidaktik presents products which should make easier the job in the electrical engineering and electronics development and in particular the possibilities of the work with PSpice. The authors distribute their products in each case at own account, namely possibly on the way which allows to expect the slightest expenses and the slightest expenditure: The Internet.

Stefan Bayer is a certified engineer of electrical engineering and a professional software developer. The modelling of oscillators and filters belongs to his experiences, in particular for the use in computer-aided design (CAD) of these circuits. He has built the software AktivFilter for the design of active filters: lowpass filters, highpass filters, bandpass filters and notch filters. AktivFilter is able to tune the components values of the active filter to the operational amplifier type and to the standard values of the components. In this way a later adjusting of the built up circuit is not needed anymore and in many designs inexpensive standard opamp types can be used instead of expensive special opamp types. According to our information, AktivFilter is worldwide the only available program with these properties.

Robert Heinemann is a certified engineer of electrical engineering. Up to his retirement he taught electrical engineering and mathematics in a work pedagogic high school as well as communication electronics in the skilled worker's education. As an engineer he is interested in the nearly unlimited possibilities of PSpice. As a pedagogue he takes care of a didactically reasonable introduction to the program which should prepare for the beginner joy and preserve from the entrance of time-consuming wandering paths. Results of his work with PSpice in the education and continuing education are the book "PSpice - Einführung in die Elektroniksimulation" (PSpice - introduction to the electronics simulation) as well as the Basic-spiceLabs. On his website www.spiceLab.de, as well as on a PSpice-training or a PSpice-seminar he stays in contact with his readers.

Otto Justus taught up to his retirement in 2000 at FH Bielefeld. His specialisations are the basics of electrical engineering and the dynamic behaviour of electrical machines and impulses. His latest publications to PSpice are:

Otto Justus has collected many years of experiences with PSpice trainings and still enjoys it.

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